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Dr. Emi Hamana specializes in Shakespeare studies, cultural studies, and English education, especially focusing on multicultural and multilingual performances of Shakespeare’s plays worldwide along with intercultural collaboration in contemporary theater.


31 August-12 September 2022. London research trip.
25-29 July 2022. DH2022 Tokyo. Online. (Host: ADHO Committee)
Publications and Presentations, April 2022-
March 30-April 1, 2022. Future of Theatre Conference. Online. (Host: The Stage, UK)
23 February 2022. DH Fes. 2022. Online (oVice). (Host: DH Fes. 2022 Committee)
16 September. 10th Tsukuba Meeting. Online. (Host: Emeritus Professors’ Association of Tsukuba University)
6-8 September. JADH Conference 2021. Online. (Host: JADH)
16-18 June. Future of Theatre Conference. Online. (Host: The Stage, UK)
10 June 2021. “A Farewell to Zoom?” Speakers: Prof. Wes Williams, Prof. Emma Smith, Jeremy Spafford, Sarah Ellis. Venue: The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities – Online Event
9-11 June 2021. The Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance Launch Event. (The Shakespeare Institute, UK)
29 April 2021. TORCH| The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. Webinar: Never Such Innocence: What Theatre Lost in 2020.
7-11 & 14-18 June 2021. DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute) 2021-Online Edition. (Host Institute: University of Victoria, Canada)
Publications and Presentations, April 2021-March 2022
Publications and Presentations, April 2020-March 2021
21-22 November 2020. JADH 2020: “A New Decade in Digital Scholarship: Microcosms and Hubs” via Zoom (Host institution: Osaka University)
13-15 July 2020. DHOx2020 (Zoom & Canvas)
14-15 December. Jinmoncon (Humanities and Computer Conference) 2019, Information Processing Society of Japan. Venue: Ritsumeikan University at Ibaraki Campus
8-16 September 2019, Research at Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C.
29-31 August 2019, JADH2019 at Kansai University, Senriyama Campus, Osaka
22-26 July 2019. IAUPE 2019, Poznan, Poland
Publications and Presentations, April 2019-March 2020
2-11 March 2019. Research in London.
5-13 August: Empson Research Travel of Cambridge and London
20-21 July 2018: Radical Mischief Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon
Publications and Presentations, April 2018-March 2019
30 March-1 April 2018: Sleep No More in Shanghai
5-13 August 2018: Empson project research in Cambridge and London
30 March-1 April 2018: Sleep No More in Shanghai
4-7 January 2018 MLA 2018 Convention in New York, USA
20-21 July 2018/Radical Mischief: A Conference Inviting Experiment in Theatre, Thought and Politics in Stratford-upon-Avon
4 March 2018/Lecture on Shakespeare at Mitaka Network University
4-7 January 2018 MLA Convention in New York
Publications and presentations, April 2017-March 2018
12-21 August 2017 Research in London
DH 2017 Conference at McGill University
Publications and presentations, April 2016-March 2017
31 July- 6 August 2016, 10th World Shakespeare Congress in Stratford and London
24-29 July 2016, IAPUE Triennial Conference in London
10th World Shakespeare Congress in Stratford and London
IAUPE Triennial Conference in London
Professor of English Literature, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
Emeritus Professor of Tsukuba University
Publications and presentations, April 2015-March 2016
Research in Toga, Toyama
August 2015 Research in Toga, Toyama
August 2015 Research in London
10-14 June 2015 Research in Paris
Symposium on global communication education at Tsukuba University
Research in Paris
Lecture on Foreign Language and Communication Learning at the
Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC), Tsukuba University.
International Conference in India, April 2015
Lecture on Shakespeare at the International Conference on William Shakespeare,
at the BGS Auditorium, AIMS Campus, BG Nagar, Nagamangula Taluk,
Mandya District, Karnataka State, India.
Publications and presentations, April 2014-March 2015
The Royal Shakespeare Company, Feb. 2015
Symposium on Transversal Poetics from Shakespeare Theater
to Contemporary Performing Arts and Film
Place: Tsukuba University
53rd Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Society of Japan
Seminar 1: Shakespearean Performance Worldwide: From Multilingual to Translingual Performance
Coordinator: Emi Hamana
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Research in Stratford-upon-Avon and London
19 April 2014: Lecture for the Shakespeare Festival under the auspices of the Shakespeare Society of Japan and the English Literary Society of Japan held on 19th April 2014
Lecturer: Emi Hamana, Ph.D., Prof. at Tsukuba University
Lecture title: “Ever-fascinating Shakespeare–with a Special Emphasis on Shakespeare’s Translingual Imagination and Practice”
Talk event for the Shakespeare Festival
Guest speaker: Emi Hamana
Publications and presentations, April 2013-March 2014
Publications and presentations, April 2012-March 2013
Publications and presentations, April 2011-March 2012
Publications and presentations, April 2010-March 2011