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Literary researcher

MA, Tokyo Metropolitan University, 1977.
Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies, Edinburgh (Scotland) University, 1978.
MA in English Language, Birmingham (England) University, 1979.
Ph.D. in Literature, Tsukuba (Japan) University, 2003.
Visiting student, Oxford (England) University, 1985-86.
Professor of English, Rikkyo Women’s College, Tokyo, Japan, 1990-2001.
Visiting scholar, Brown (USA) University, 1993-94.
Professor, Tsukuba University, 2001-2015.
Professor, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, 2016-2020.
Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University, 2021-.


“A Stylistic Approach to the Use of Tense-Mixing in Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis,” 1980, English Literary Society of Japan, 3rd Young Scholar Award); The Wonder of Gender: Shakespeare and Gender, 2004; author (with Yoshiko Ueno, et al.) Hamlet and Japan, 1995; author (with Yasunari Takahashi, et al.) Hot Questrists After English Renaissance: Essays on Shakespeare and His Contemporaries, 2000; author (with Kozo Yokoyama, et al.) Literature in the English-Speaking World: Forum on Nations, Cultures, and Memories, 2002; author (with Yukio Tsuda, et al.) Global Communication: From Oppositions to Dialogs, 2002; author (with Yuji Ushiro, et al.) Bonds of Language, 2006); author (with Hiromi Fuyuki, et al.) Shakespeare’s Languages and Cultures, 2007; author (with Masazumi Araki, et al.), The Journey of Texts, 2007; Connecting Cultures: From Shakespeare to Contemporary Asian Theater, 2012; author (with Kumiko Hoshi, et al.), Prismatic Shakespeare from the Renaissance to the Twenty-First Century, 2013;Shakespeare Performances in Japan: Intercultural-Multicultural-Translingual, 2019

Co-editor: A Globe Shakespeare Encyclopaedia, 2002; Americanization, 2004; contributing articles to professional journals.

Grantee, Fukuhara Memorial English and American Literature Foundation, 2004; Scholar, British Council, 1985-86; Overseas Research grant, Japan Foundation Promoting Private Schools, 1993-94.

Contributor: “Shakespeare in Quotations in Japanese.” The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, vol. 2, edited by Bruce Smith, Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp. 1704-1706.



International Shakespeare Association.

Literary Society of Japan (editorial board, 1997-2001).

IAUPE (International Association of University Professors of English).

Shakespeare Society of Japan (executive committee 1999-2003 and 2007-2010; editorial board, 2006-2009, 2017-2018; performance review editor, 2011-2016).

Alliance of the Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).