Emi Hamana’s Homepage

Publications and presentations, April 2015-March 2016

  1. 23 April 2015. Emi Hamana, “A Kabuki Version of Twelfth Night Directed by Yukio Ninagawa Reconsidered in Terms of Transversal Poetics”, invited lecture, International Conference on William Shakespeare and Kuvempu, Karnataka, India.
  2. 8 May 2015. Emi Hamana, Lecture on Multilingualism for freshers, Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC), Tsukuba University.
  3. 15 May 2015. Lecture for the Shakespeare Festival under the auspice of Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
    Lecturer: Emi Hamana, Prof. at Tsukuba University
    Lecture title: “Ever-fascinaing Shakespeare from the Perspective of World Shakespeare Studies”
  4. 19 June 2015. Emi Hamana, The CEGLOC Opening Memorial Symposium, Tsukuba University.
  5. January 2016. Emi Hamana, “Shakespeare in Quotations in Japanese,” The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, ed. by Bruce R. Smith, 2 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Vol.2. pp.1704-1706.
  6. 20 February 2016. Emi Hamana, “Oriza Hirata, a Playwright and Director, Crossing from Borders between Countries and Regions to Those between Humans and Robots,” invited lecture, Hikaku Riron Gakkai, Tsukuba University.