Emi Hamana’s Homepage

Publications and presentations, April 2016-March 2017

  1. 9 July 2016. Emi Hamana, “The Latest Outcome of World Shakespeare Studies,” invited lecture, Ootsuka Eigo Kyoiku Kenkyukai at Tsukuba University Tokyo Campus.
  2. 15 July 2016. Emi Hamana, Foreword, Understanding Cultures and Performance: Border Crossers, ed. by Yukiko Matsuda, Keisuke Sasayama, and Yoo Koo, Yokohama: Shunpoosha, pp.4-6.
  3. 26 July 2016. Emi Hamana, “Last Shakespeare Plays Directed by Yukio Ninagawa: Possessed by the Power of Theatre,” Shakespeare 4: Shakespeare in Global Performance, International Association of University Professors for English Triennial Conference, at the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, London University.
  4. 1 August 2016. Emi Hamana, Seminar in King Lear and its Versions, 10th World Shakespeare Congress, Shakespeare Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon.
  5. 15 November 2016. Emi Hamana, “Shakespeare, 400 Years’ Refrains” (in Japanese), invited lecture at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.
  6. December 2016. Emi Hamana, “Performing Shakespeare in Contemporary Japan: The Yamanote Jijosha’s The Tempest,” Multiculural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation and Performance, 14.29, pp.73-85. DOI: 10.1515/mstap-2016-0017
  7. December 2016. Emi Hamana, “Translingual Performance of King Lear: Lear Dreaming as a Case Study,” Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture, Prague: Charles University, 26.52, pp.90-105.
  8. Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture, vol.26, issue 52 (December 2016)

  9. 7 January 2017. Emi Hamana, Keynote lecture on “Shakespeare’s Asia and Shakespeare in Asia” (in Japanese), Waseda Shakespeare Festival at the Okuma Shokodo of Waseda University.
  10. March 2017. Emi Hamana, “Last Shakespeare Plays Directed by Yukio Ninagawa:
    Possessed by the Power of Theater,” Journal of Literature and Art Studies, 7.3, pp.269-277. DOI:10.17265/2159-5836/2017.03.004
  11. March 2017. Emi Hamana, “Toward a Study of Translingual Performance of Shakespeare Worldwide with a Focus on Henry V,” Essays and Studies in British and American Literature, 63, pp.41-64.
  12. March 2017. Emi Hamana, Performance Review. “Sandaime Richard, written by Hideki Noda and directed by Ong Keng Sen,” Shakespeare Studies, 54, pp.40-43.