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Publications and Presentations, April 2019-

  1. 22-26 July 2019. IAUPE (International Association of University Professors of English) 2019, Poznan, Poland. 22 July, Shakespeare Session 1: “A Cognitive Approach to Shakespearean Plays in Immersive Theatre, with a Special Focus on Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More in New York (2011-) and Shanghai (2016-)”
  2. 20 September 2019. Shakespeare Performances in Japan: Intercultural-Multilingual-Translingual. Shumpusha Publishing Co.Ltd.
  3. 6 October 2019. Emi Hamana (panelist), “Latest Trends and Future Prospects of Digital Humanities on Early Modern English Literature and Women.” Panel Discussion: Early Modern English Literature and Women, 58th Shakespeare Conference, the Shakespeare Society of Japan, at Kagoshima International University.